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Experience the Power of
the Masculine


Welcome to Inspired Thai, a unique and transformative experience with the power of male touch. My massage services are designed to help you relax, release and reconnect with your mind and body. With my education spanning two continents and 12+ years experience in Thai, Sports, Swedish, and Tantra, you can expect an unrivaled level of relaxation and masculine, sensual experience.

Whether you're looking for a therapeutic, intimate one-on-one experience, massage trade, tailored kink, simulsage, four-hand massage or the Mandala Masseur Team for your event, we provide it all.

One-on-One Therapeutic
Thai Tiger Balm Massage
One-on-One Er0tic
Thai Tiger Balm Massage

Enjoy a luxurious massage experience, designed  to melt your body and mind.

I work shirtless in the therapeutic session and still give you the personal attention that your body needs. I use my full body, from knees to elbows to hands, to execute a tailored massage specific to your needs. Experience my masculine energy and a variety of modalities, including Thai Tiger Balm, Sports and Tantric Massage.

Indulge in an exchange of masculine energy as you are stretched, stepped, and squeezed. The intimate connexion will arouse your senses and leave you feeling relaxed and released. 

Experience my masculine energy and a variety of modalities, including Thai Tiger Balm, Sports and Tantric Massage.

Kink and Tailored Experience
4-Hand & Couples Massage

Do you have a special request for a session? Send me your requests and let's discuss. 

This type of session is usually available to clients who have received a massage and we've developed rapport. 

Enjoy an exquisite Four-Hand Massage where my massage partner and I combine our skills to exact a titillating massage experience.

Or invite a partner to enjoy simultaneous massage in the same studio. We'll work on the two of you, stimulating your senses and switching between you to provide a multi-modal, massage experience. 

Massage Lessons for Couples,  Groups, or Events
Massage Trade

Learn multiple massage modalities in a sensual setting from me and my team of masseurs. Certified programs prohibit intimate man-on-man contact. Now is your chance to take amateur, sensual massage lessons in the privacy of your home or our studios. Explore masculine touch, tantra and massage lessons from our fit instructors. 

Love mutual touch? Learn Thai techniques and use them on my body. Enjoy a sensual Thai sequence, then put into practice your own style while exploring my muscled, hairy body. Giving and getting massage in the same session is a great way to enhance our shared sensual connexion. 


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