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F A Q s

Do you have more questions? Read on to learn more about me, my studio, how to prepare for your appointment and more. 

This is my first appointment. I'm a bit nervous. What should I expect?


You should know that I am going to take amazing care of you. Over text, or when you arrive, you can share with me any areas of your body needing extra attention. Also share any touch or interaction boundaries you may have. 


My massage appointments are unique to the man in my care. Expect an incredible massage from scalp to toes, steaming towel service to give you the spa experience and a sensual experience matched to your level of comfort. If you enjoy a release at the end of your appointment, I'll make sure to bring your arousal to its peak. 


How much are your different services, tipping, where is your studio, parking? 

Once you share with me which service you'd like, a preferred date and time, and a pic/a bit about yourself, I'll share the specifics of compensation. Tipping is greatly appreciated but never compulsory.  

The map on the Appointments page includes an estimated location so you can estimate transit times.

I'm based out of Twin Peaks, San Francisco, but often travel to West Coast cities.

There is ample street parking on my SF street. Read all parking restriction signs. Leave nothing visible in your vehicle when parked. 

Can I take a shower? Is your studio private, pet free? How should I prepare?

You're welcome to a steamy shower before or after you appointment. The studio is private, sound proof and free of all pets. There is a view of Noe Valley, Potrero, the Bay and Mount Diablo. 

You should shower within two hours of your appointment. If you need douching facilities, my shower is equipped. Avoid wearing cologne, antiperspirant or hair products if possible. 


Do you top or bottom for your clients? I have some kinks I'd like to incorporate into our appointment. 

Generally the first session is a chance for us to get to know our chemistry and start with a simple way to bring you to climax. This request is more of an escort request. I recommend coming for a massage first so we can build rapport. You're welcome to share with me your kinks and interests and we can discuss further. 

Do you drape and is the massage clothing optional? Do you allow mutual touch?

When you arrive, we both disrobe and you rest on the softest, fresh, flannel sheet. Relax your body as I work around you, stretching you, bending you and pressing my body against yours for a sensual experience that includes some mutual touch. 

For more mutual touch, I highly recommend the service: "Massage Trade." This will allow you to experience a sensual massage and then you'll have a chance to use your hands to manipulate my muscles and body. Once your portion is finished, I'll wrap up the massage with a "finish," steaming towels and a tingling, tiger balm, neck massage. 


Where did you learn Massage, Physical Touch and Tantra?

I  completed my professional Traditional Swedish Massage Certification at a local massage institution in the SF Bay Area and have additional training from TTC Massage School Bangkok, Thailand. I also worked as a Physical Therapy Assistant when I first moved to San Francisco, with on the job learning of technical, rehabilitation massage.
I moved to SF in 2007 and full time in 2009. Once I gained my Certification I began exploring sensual, male, healing touch and tantric massage. More than a decade later I work with men from around the world, providing vital, masculine touch. 

I lead workshops, private, small and large groups, for men looking to improve their touch and tantra techniques.

How do I access the InspiringXXX page? 

Subscribe to our newsletter. The Subscription response will include the password just below the form you completed. 

Thank you for reading. I look forward to connecting with you. 

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