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N S F W  C O N T E N T

Check out these pics I shot with a friend of mine. He asked me to bring some of my team gear and stories to set the mood. Please enjoy. For more content visit my Twitter Page at @InspiringXXX.


I Captain a soccer team in San Francisco and play to keep in top shape. Usually I play goal keeper. I'm on the ground a lot, diving for balls, jumping in the air with both hands extended and checking my body against my opponents if they get inside the goalie box. 

I'm very physical, using my body and taking space on the pitch. My testosterone is very high, my voice commands my team and I use aggressive energy to master this skill. 


Recently, my team took second place in our league, beating 5 other teams. After our games we hit the gym showers and talk about the game, joking about falls, complaining about the ref calls and fantasizing about the guys on the other team. Most of the guys are younger than me and super horny after our games. Once in a while, the right guys are in the showers and the chemistry from the game is so strong that we jerk off and suck each other off. 

Then we usually go to our host bar and split a pitcher of beer. I love my guys and we've bonded really well this past couple seasons. 

I also play for a softball team in the City. We travel to play around the country and I've had some very sexy experiences in our AirBnBs. Our coach and assistant coaches take practice very seriously and I appreciate it. The drills and exercises get us in the mental state to function at a high performance level. 

On game days the guys are pumped. There is a ton of testosterone in the air and the guys do a bit of grab ass in the dug out. Sometimes the hand lingers and I try to notice who it was so I can return the favor.


I play outfield. I'm acutely aware of the velocity and the angle of the ball as soon as it's hit. With all of my talent and power from time in the gym, I target my touch point and dive for a catch. Then I send the ball, using all of my legs, back, and arm muscles to the cutoff so they can stop any further runs. 

Our games are on weekends and after the game me and the guys head to the gym next to our field. It's empty during the weekend so we snap towels and grab dick in the steam room. Sometimes the grab is more of a stroke, and the stroke is more of a suck. After building up all that masculine energy on the field I am ready to explode and the first guy to put his mouth on my cock always gets a mouthful. 

Fall season is approaching and I'm looking forward to meeting the new guys and initiating them into our team rituals. 

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